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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 7. 1969.

Miss World and C. Moss

Miss World and C. Moss

A Group of Well House residents moved this year's Capping activities away to an early start on Friday with the kidnapping of Miss World, Penny Plummer.

It was a case of third time lucky for the organisers who made their first "attempt" on the Wednesday at a fashion parade.

Fifty students and a bus were mobilised and ready but the attempt was called off after the manager of the object of the exercise intercepted a warning note.

Penny was contacted by the group the next day and gave her personal approval to a second attempt.

This effort, involving fourteen would-be kidnappers degenerated into a brawl with Security guards who seemed unwilling to part with their charge.

The third and successful attempt was made on Friday morning.

Four students on the running boards of a 1938 Dodge, braked to a hasty halt outside the Travelodge Motels.

After a brief scuffle, during which damage was done to the manager's chest and her thigh (bless it), a willing Miss World was belting through red lights and blind intersections, her safety in the hands of a compulsive C. W. Moss-type driver.

On her arrival at Vic she was taken into the cafe (after expressing the time-honoured fresher fear of it) attracting on the way a rather unfortunate entourage.

After enjoying a cup of Fritz coffee bought by an unwitting American Ful-bright and talking about this, that, and nothing. Miss Plummer was returned to her Manager an hour and a quarter after the kidnapping.

Before those involved took their leave, they were thanked for an interesting and enjoyable morning—a feeling which was mutual.

The money raised by the ransom note broadcast by 2ZB will be given to the Intellectually Handicapped Children.