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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 7. 1969.

out side left

page 12

out side left

Outside Left is dead.

He died a metaphorical death as the editor thumbed, for the last time, through the pile of responses which had been elicited by his pen. Some indignant, some righteous, some downright angry, most returning blow for blow, but many, unfortunately recording with a sort of awesome inevitability, the odd factual error or two, or three.

The number of smears during his career of 31 issues was exceeded only by the number of swab tests he should have taken; the number of insults received exceeded only by the number of insults delivered, with the decree of inaccuracy growing all the while like a menacing mushroom cloud.

And, one reflects, a mushroom cloud in a quite inappropriate analogy; in terms of chronological order, it should come after the explosion.

How it was that the miture he wrote was never sparked by an angry lawyer into a libel suit, one will never know.

A galaxy of scalps he wore. The Chief Justice to the Very Rev. head of Security, to the Vice-President of Studass, right down to the Prime Minister were embraced under one banner and smeared with joyful impunity.

But no more.

The Honorary Degrees Committee, ladies and gentlemen has a student representative. It was very fortunate to have is a student on it because the Pressures That Be did not, originally, want a student on it.

However the influence of the odd Vice-Chancellor made a difference and so Heughan Rennie was appointed.

To demonstrate his undisputed sense of responsibility, Mr Rennie put off an overseas trip for three days so he could attend the meeting in question.

Outside Left, too inclined to forsake the truth for the sake of an epigram has had his last lunge. Sorry Heughan.


Only someone without a conscience would have taken this column over from its previous sturdy, if usually inaccurate, writer. So take note: what you have got so far this year has been inaccuracy; from now on what you will get is dirt.

* * *

Salients literary Editor tells me that among the MSS he has rejected this year is a poem whose most effective line runs:

And green as Fritz's peas. It's a poem about working in a mortuary, of course.

* * *

Who was writing this column lost year? We'd point out that the student politician least criticised in "Outside Left" last year was Gerard Curry. Draw your own conclusions.

* * *

Which reminds me of the story about Gerard and the rather pathelic Omega demonstration. Gerard was last seen rushing off from the March into that well-known symbol of Middle Distance, the Exec. Room, demanding a loudspeaker with frequent plaintive cries. Apparently he wanted to tell the demonstrators some thing. It was at this point that, apparently with the blessing of Curry's loyal lieutenant Peter Cullen the demonstrators moved off down Salamanca Road.