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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 7. 1969.

Drama Club calls another S.G.M

page 3

Drama Club calls another S.G.M.

Another SGM Has Been Called

This time Drama Club members are responsible.

Club members are complaining about the Limited access they have to the theatre, which they maintain has for some time frustrated their efforts to achieve good quality theatre on campus.

At a recent meeting Felicity Day formed the motion which is 10 be presented at the SGM.

The motion reads:

• "That the priorities for the use of the VUW Memorial Theatre should be firmly established; and that the Drama Club should primarily have use of the theatre. Also that bookings should only be accepted eight weeks in advance so that outside organisations should not be booking further in advance to the exclusion of student organisatons."

Mr. P. Brew will second the motion.

Non-theatrical events could be held elsewhere, according to members.

"Theatre is for theatre," said Miss Pay.

Mr. Dick Johnstone, resident producer at Downstage, who produced the club's last play, commented on the number of outside bookings at the students' theatre.

He said that Downstage for example, had already booked the theatre for next year.

Club members have also questioned the management of the Student Union Building.

One member said that the Managing Secretary, Mr. Boyd, had more effective authority than his employers.

One week-day, Mr. Johnstone spent "one hour trying to get in" as he could not find the caretaker to unlock the theatre.

Unless the theatre is booked beforehand, it is kept locked, he said.

Mr. Johnstone suggested Mr. Keeling, the President of the Drama Club, should have a key to the theatre.

He also felt that it was unnecessary to spend money for a caretaker to be present all day at the theatre.

This was especially wasteful on public holidays such as Easter when double and triple rates had to be paid.

The Managing Secretary, Mr. I. H. Boyd, said he had not been aware of any discontent in the Drama Club.

He pointed out that outside groups could not possibly arrange everything in the eight week period stipulated in the motion.

He said that student groups were always given priority in booking arrangements.

Mr. Boyd denied that Downstage had bookings for next year.

"We haven't been approached by Downstage," he said.

Referring to the practice of having a caretaker present all day he pointed out some advantages.

"We have had articles stolen from the theatre, including a costume belonging to the Drama Club," he said.

"If you can't find the caretaker, you can come and see me of Mrs. Scoones."

Referring to the question of his own authorty, Mr. Boyd said it was not a question of power.

"We operate theatre bookings under the jurisdiction of the Management Committee," he said.