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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 21. September 10, 1968



Sir—When is the 'Campus Hillclimb and Dragster Club' to seek affiliation with the Stud. Assn.? Perrhaps this is impossible due to the fact its composition is 90% faculty members.

The main entrance drive to the faculty car park in front of the Hunter Building is n popular wall with students entering the university from the cable car and that general direction. However at the some time faculty members are speeding to university and speeding up the drive. Several tines mysself and other students have had to dash for the lawn to avoid being mowed.

At the bottom of the drive there are unreadable remnants of a white sign painted on the road and at the top. in letters which could only be described as 'miserable' or 'cute', the words "MAX. Speed 10 M.P.H." painted on the road.

I have to see a single car fail to exceed this speed on the drive.

If a student even points a motor-bike or motor-scooter at the university he is reminded by a kindly elderly gentleman in blue with his abbreviated and lowered police dog that such an action is against university regulations.

When will we see this same fatherly figure reminding faculty members of the 10 mph speed limit on campus?

Yours faithfully,

P. Reid.