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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 21. September 10, 1968

SCM Protest

SCM Protest

Sir—It seems to me that Mr Harcourt has failed to comprehend the visit of the NZSCM General Committee to the Russian and Czech legations.

The General Committee, which is composed of representatives of all university SCMs, was meeting in Lower Hutt when news of the invasion came through. Having carefully prepared a statement criticising the Russians and supporting the Czechs, we wished the statement to be personally presented to both legations, Had we merged| with the Vic. lot at the Russian legation it might not have been clear to those watching from inside or to news media, that an additional statement, (therefore strengthening the protest!) was being made.

Mr. Harcourt probably did not observe that most of the group merged with the Vic. protesters immediately the statement had been presented.

From there to the Czech legation, where we presented the same statement. Just as we were leaving, who should appear but some of the Vic. protesters, who perchance had followed us(?).

No, Mr Harcourt, our protest is certainly no holier than yours, if indeed the basis of protests is holiness at all, but it is usually the case that two distinct voices sound louder than one.

Yours sincerely,

Barbara Wards.

President Vuwscm.

[David Harcourt replies: "Miss Wards defends the right of the SCM to its independent protest. Fair enough. In the vigil diary I only sought to convey the immediate impressions of some of us who were there. I have asked several of these people if they agree with my view that the SCM people were distinctly snooty. They do."—ed.]