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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 21. September 10, 1968

Frollick Exposed

Frollick Exposed

Sir—concerning your editorial in Salient 3 September issue, you state that casual sexual encounters warrant the installation of a contraceptive vending machine at this univnsity and further, that students should encourage the installation of such machines on other public places. We should disregard public goodwill to the university and all that this means in terms of more and better facilities, in order to keep up the female studcnt population and keep down the unwanted baby quota (hopefully). However, to call perfectly normal and healthy humanitly repulsive and yet give no mention to the revolting consequences of indiscriminate fornication seems a little cock-eyed [sic].

For instance, the incidence of clap has risen 60% since last year. Never fear of course, this can be cured. Trouble is, most females don't find out they're with iI 'till rather late and then, there are appearing strains resistant to modern penicillin treatment, so back to the good old days of uncomfortable, prolonged cure (hopefully). Strongly enough, victims of social disease take a pathological delight in passing it on, so you're encouraging what sensibly, you would be trying to eradicate. University students of all people should be the ones to discourage conduct governed by the glands instead of the head. psychologically and physiologically these casual relationships have been shown to be detrimental and the type of contraceptive which would be available frequently fails to do the job properly anyway. Even if it lessens the risk of V.D. it doesn't remove it. Besides, you need vaseline . . . .

If anyone is under the misconception that the frenchie means no need to take a drenchie then think again It's no sugar-coated pill man, plenty will still end up in the good old family way and as Chi-Chi said to An-An, "The Russians will never forgive us if you get the pox baby!"

Yeh! etc.

Louise Follick

and G. Andre.

[Use of French letters makes the spread of venereal diseases less likely.—ed.]