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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 21. September 10, 1968


Image of Jesus

And so yet another anti-God letter has appeared in Salient. Blas phemous witty and somewhat smug, it is yet interesting from the point of view of those aspects of personal character which it reveals, For the writer far from being commended for his courage in openly contributing to the demolition of a crumbling orthodoxy, is rather to be pitied for his slightly naive assessment of his own position, and for the fact that he has obviously failed to have thought all of his basic presuppositions through to their logical conclusions—a habit which should be the mark of the true thinker and scholar.

Of course I need hardly mention that many modern cynics among the student population, who appear to derive so much satisfaction from crying [unclear: barb] to religious belief, sometimes give the impression that they like to consider themselves the radical innovators of the intellectual set, the brave new fearless thinkers of their alert generation. Yet how pathetic is this self-delusion! For while the cymc, in purporting to rubbish the theistic tradition, appears to be breaking free from" the Bourgeois Establishment, and dares to stand aloof (his "voice crying in the wilderness"), he himself is in fact only one of the latest products of a tradition which is almost as well established—a tradition which, moreover, may lay even less claim to rationality.