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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31 Number 16 July 16, 1968

Other side of the fence

Other side of the fence

Sir—My husband and I have just returned home after attending Parents Day at Wellington University. We spent a wonderful day looking around, attending various lectures, debates, forum, and honey eating contest.

Thank goodness there was a lighter side to this otherwise depressing visit. The thing that Spoilt the whole three days we had in Wellington was the appalling squalor we saw in various student flats we visited. Is it too much to ask that these places be "vetted" before students are allowed to live in them? We found damp beds, cupboards full of damp clothes and linen, no drying spare, heating and electrical appliances that look good, but don't work and totally inadequate lighting. All this for rents ranging from $24 upwards. These dumps are let by prominent business people and more so by people who can afford to make conditions a little better. We feel there is too much emphasis being put on the economic situation in New Zealand. These conditions have prevailed far too long, and existed long before New Zealand fell this economic squeeze. The climax came when we arrived back in Napier to read that the powers that be are intending to stuff a dead whale for the public to view in our star attraction "Marieneland". Also front page news we "tenders for $60,000 centre for Napier Senior Citizens.

I feel it is time we put our sights a little more on "Junior Citizens".

These are the people we rely on for a more prosperous and happier New Zealand.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. & Mrs. B. Smith.

P.S. We happen to be Senior Citizens ourselves.