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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31 Number 16 July 16, 1968

Art — Peebles' constructions


Peebles' constructions

Victor Pasmore, one of Britain's greatest contemporary painters, believes, as does Clement Greenberg, in the immense importance of the artist's environment on his individual expression. He says: "One's development is the ultimate result of one's background and the influence one undergoes". And the work of Don Peebles, a chiefly self-taught artist, is currently being exhibited in the library. He has greatly benefited from his recent overseas experience where he was strongly influenced by Victor Pasmore's recent three-dimensional work and has since concentrated on pure abstract reliefs and instructions.

But above all, Don Peebles had managed to assimilate Pasmore's influence into his own personal vision. In contrast with Pasmore's characteristic quality of transparent lightness, Peebles animates the static forms of his constructions with strong carefully chosen colours. His sensitive and intelligent work caries the conviction of sincere and considered individual expression.

Of the works exhibited in the library the artist says: "I should like these small works to be seen as autonomous or self-sufficient. Rather than having direct links with constructivism, they are essentially painterly. Neither the reliefs nor the paintings from a mathematical basis but are assembled with a free sense of order more characteristic of the painter than of the function-influenced architect or designer"

An example from Don Peebles' exhibition in the library. Photo: Rachel Rowe

An example from Don Peebles' exhibition in the library. Photo: Rachel Rowe