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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31 Number 16 July 16, 1968

On the Grapevine

On the Grapevine

Thought for the month

"Half the failures in life arise from pulling one's horse as he is leaping."

—From the Journal of the Post Office Association.

Oops . . .

Norman Kirk recently blasted the Salient editor for publishing a photo which made fun of a Party stalwart. He'd got the wrong newspaper. The photo was actually published by the Labour Party paper, the N.Z. Statesman. Said Mr Blizzard. "Kirk's obviously got good taste, he doesn't read his own Party's paper."

Part partial

The Omega teach-in shall be impartial, declared Executive. "We've asked the American naval attache because we hear he's a right charlie", said organiser Gerard Guthrie.

Proof —

Salient's present problem of proof reading and typographical errors is creating some confusion. Recently an article by Owen Gager said "Nash did not stimulate employment drastically — there were still 22.800 unemployed in January 1931 The year was 1939 of course

Political Analysis

Story going round that a prominent New Zealand politician (lawyer says we can't print his name) has been feeling crook lately. so they called a bunch of quacks in. They examined every inch of the guy and decided on an anus transplant. Another New Zealand Medical triumph. Trouble was three days later tissue rejection set in an the anus rejected him.

King Wedders?

Little yellow sheet of religious hysteria has appeared on the notice boards. It proclaims the second coming, and the arrival of a "Dictator'' otherwise know has "the evil genius" and "the king who will finally rule the world". Might be something in it. After all Wedderspoon was back on campus last week.