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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31 Number 15, July 9, 1968

Taylor Gets Full Power

Taylor Gets Full Power

Sir (Bill),

Letter to the Editor:

For Publication

I see I'm being got at anonymously and obliquely by your freedom fighter for student rights—Douglas White. I am teribbly sorry it was inconvenient for him that my statements on student power and student rights were published on the Frontpage of Salient on His open day, What a nuisance!

If dear Douglas had bothered to come to the meetings on student power he would have heard me attack the smug, complacent and bigoted attitude of current student politicians. These student politicians. Mr White is—are more worried about their public image, about the public image of their students, than in representing students, pressing for a greater say in university administration by students, full control of student facilities by students, increasing bursaries, making changes in the university and educational system.

Mr White is part of the establishment, He can't represent students properly when he does things like:

... agree that the meetings of the Student Participation Committee should be in "committee", that is, secret.

... agree that his executive should not see the books of the student caterer.

... agree that NZUSA should not, at this stage, press for higher bursaries.

Mr White wants to hush things up, keep things quiet, so (of course) he can keep control. Has changed occurred when things have been quiet? When there hasn't been a chance for full discussion of the issues? When layabouts such as Mr White are doing the "leading"?

Nothing will come out of the Committee on Student Participation in the University, other than perhaps another committee, to be used by the university as a fob for keeping things quiet. And why? Because Mr White and his crew, representing students mind you, haven't the guts, the confindence, or the knowledge to suggest real change in the system, to really voice the real feelings or students. These people are playing a game, They don't really know what student power is really about. They don't know the university administration is running scared, that students could get substantial changes in the system.

But what are students generally going to do about this? Probably nothing, until things get so bad they'll kick Mr White and his politician, career-minded colleagues where they deserve.

Off The Executive Out Of Power! Up The ...

Alister Taylor.

Bill—hope you can publish this in full, possibly photocopy it. Luv, A.T.