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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31 Number 15, July 9, 1968



Sir—If Mr Kelly has managed to hold his tongue so still for three and a half years, it would seem that his rather vague, racial letter which appeared in the last issue of Salient lacks sufficient motivation. I would agree with him that the student body is "quite prepared to tolerate in inclusion of Asian and Indian students into university sports ..." etc., though I might dispute his use of tolerance. The fact that overseas students are included unquestioningjy into university activities, and that Mr Kelly in his long experience has not noticed any open definance against these students, surely goes to prove the point that only he and perhap a few others feel that way in clined.

It seems to be that Mr [unclear: Ke] is basing his discrimination [unclear: race] and I am quick to [unclear: why] he does not include the African. Pacific Island are Maori students along with the Asians and Indians. Or is [unclear: some] kind of "selective racialist [unclear: I] fear that Mr Kelly will find little support for his call "every serious-minded [unclear: wh] student". In fact he will [unclear: probab] find that he has piped in [unclear: considerable] amount of [unclear: Asi] wrath, and he can take [unclear: comf] in the fact that he is a [unclear: virt] unknown. (The Indonesians [unclear: de] most effecetively with the [unclear: Co] munistsl)

I am told Mr Kelly is a [unclear: m] sincere in his beliefs, but it [unclear: he] who has become arrogant. It is he, and others like him who should be excluded. Is not the Students' Association opposed [unclear: Apartheid]? Let us make an [unclear: ample] of Mr Kelly.

Yours sincerely,

Peter R. Beilby.


VUW International Club