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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31 Number 15, July 9, 1968



Sir—As an Asian student of this University, I hope you will not grudge me the space to reply to the published letter by an apparent "white" student denouncing the presence of Asian students nt this varsity. That this vicious letter, so overflowing with malice and choked with racial prejudice, should deserve to be published at all in your student newspaper is a matter of deep regret, as it is obviously to say the least, extremely detrimental to the existing cordial relations between the vast majority of Asian and New Zealand students at this University. What does it matter to the writer at all if we foreign students choose to converse in our native tongues? Is English the only and sole language in the world that All people should speak that disturbs his warped mentality so much? Is colour of the skin so important in this varsity to him that he should go out of his way to advocate that New Zealand become another South Africa? That the writer has conveniently chosen to omit giving one single instance to support his charge of alleged "increased arrogance" an the part of Asian Students speaks, I think, for itsell as to the validity of his statement. If his 'open letter' has served any purpose at all, it has clearly only served to reflect the despicable character of such a person. Finally, to crown his "speech", he has thought it in good order to proclaim to the world that he has "attended Victoria for three and a half years", during which time I suppose he has learnt by heart that Asia and India are "two separate continent." If the student newspaper is the place where he can properly betray his ignorance to everyone, that is all right, I guess. But if Asia and India are reallv two separate continents, as is inferred, then I have learnt a new geographical concept today.

Yours faithfully,

Hun L. K.