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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31 Number 15, July 9, 1968



Sir—Finally your curious hotchpotch of a newspaper has had some sense. I refer to your courageous printing of one letter by Mr. P. J. Kelly. At last someone realises the state of the University now. Congratulations Paul!

I read his letter once, then I read it again. He's right, you know, and not only that but he has expressed his views in the correct way: "permit ... forced ... tolerate ... denend ... segregation ... apathy (twice) ... serious-minded white student"—all of these necessary phrases were used with devastating effect. However there are one or two objections I have about your letter, Paul. The first thing is that you don't go quite far enough. Wogs and chinks, no sorry, Indian and Asian students, are bad enongh to take, but they are almost pleasant compared to one or two other groups.

S.C.M. couples who go around together arm in arm continually, as if to rub one's nose into the claim: "We're Christian and look what we've got!"

Parties at which dances are performed with broken beer-bottles.

People who say they go to parties at which dances are-performed with roken beer-bottles.

People who say they don't go to parties at which dances are performed with broken beer-bottles.

Exec, members who get a kick out of provoking African student at broken beer-bottle parties.

Irish Latin students who write-to Salient about the Wog invasion.

Anyway Paul, I look forward with some interest to your next effort, and trust you have learned by your mistakes.

Yours sincerely.

Pul Phin Gur.