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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31 Number 15, July 9, 1968

kkk hope

kkk hope

Sir—With respect P. J. Kelly's letter headed "No Comment", I wish to say that I cannot imagine how Mr P. J. Kelly could be so misguided and deluded to write the way he does.

Has he ever tried to get to know an Asian or Indian student? Or have his prejudices kept him from enjoying the company of another of different race and culture. Through having lived and worked with a number of such student during the Varsity year and the long vacation, I am convinced they are "a decent mob" and that they play an important and integral part in the student life within the University.

What gives him the right to advocate the segregation of students? Because a person is not a N.Z. citizen it does not mean they are 2nd class. For 3½ years of University study Mr P.J. Kelly certainly appears to lack education. He should know that no matter what colour, race or language, that all student within and without the University are equal.

If he stopped to think, the reason for there being no so called defiance against Asians and Indians, is because they and most (with the exception of P. J.) Kiwi students interact harmon iously in all spheres of study recreation, sport and general living

Mavbe a visit to one of the International Club's activities would be of help to P. J. If not I suggest he join the [unclear: K] Klux Klan. They welcome prejudices and grudges similar to his.

Your sincerely,

T. McGrath.