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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 31 Number 15, July 9, 1968

Salient declines

Salient declines

SirSalient ain't wot it used to be. The one-time 'top student newspaper' has deteriorated sadly.

So-called reports are made up of strings of quotations. Only the numerous 'he said's' testify to the existence of a reporter. And just in case these fail to convince us, the author's name heads each column in proud black letters. Surely there are some among Salient's great horde of reporters and sub-editors who can summarise and interpret, not merely tape-record statements.

The term 'Layout' can scarcely be applied to the confusion which meets our eyes. Column after column reaks ranks, changes sides, and surges forward. A disordered army of print is forced to make a hasty retreat from a barrage of thick black lines, dotes, blobs, and little wiggles. Unfortunately, large black squares draw attention to the trivia they contain.

Perhaps the editor himself is aware of the poor quality of his paper. He is over-sensitive to any criticism. Compulsive self-justifications follow even the most minor and facetiously toned attacks in the Letters to the Editor. An editorial of 220 words is printed in large type. Yet all the correspondence is crammed into a smaller space. Space however is not entirely lacking. The centre pages are largely made up of artistically attractive vacua.

C'est la vie! Comercialism replaces culture. Goodbye Rex Benson. Welcome big bright B.N.Z.

We are etc.,