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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Student's Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 10 May 28 1968

[Response from Owen Gager to Anthony Haas]

Mr Gager replies:

In all the alleged "replies" to my article, there has been a considerable vagueness about what it was I said which has been found so objectionable.

Mr Haas comes nearest to labelling what this is, though, alas, his is by no means a reasonable or balanced coming to terms with the issues raised in my article.

One must be grateful, however, that he at least does me the courtesy, rare it seems in Labour Party circles, of scanting personal abuse.

I would be ready to accept that what I wrote constituted "insults" to the party if Haas were prepared to specify statements which were insults, and say why he thought they were, such.

Haas's emotion is evidently too great to permit him this exercise in logic.

His only real argument against the views I expressed is to say that at the present time he believes university opportunities to participate in policy-making are greater than previously.

What my article contended was that university successes at Labour's conference were more illusory than real, and that the leadership could, and would, obstruct any genuine breakthrough into radicalism, like opposition to SEATO.

This view can only be strengthened by a recognition of the autonomy of Labour's Policy Committee.

These are views argued out in my article.

If they are dubious, at least I have a right to ask that they be countered by argument, not bare assertion.