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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Student's Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 3. March 19 1968

S.C.M. book problem

S.C.M. book problem

Sir—I would like to warn students of a certain malpractice, although by the time this is printed it may be too late. It concerns the SCM second-hand bookstall. I bought a book for Quantitative Analysis which cost $5.00. This particular book was the second edition and on attending the first lecture in Q.A. I found that only the third edition of the book was acceptable. In other words my second edition was obsolete.

On returning to the bookstall in an attempt to have my money refunded or the book exchanged I was informed that neither alternative was possible. It was unfortunate, I was told, but the odd book in the obsolete category did get through unnoticed.

Later the same day in the bookstall I noticed several copies of the second edition still for sale so it was obvious that they were not making any attempt to withdraw these obsolete books from sale. I am also informed that 50c of my $5.00 goes to help Christian work. This I do not object to but I do object to being sold an obsolete book so my money can go to others while I gain nothing.

I maybe a bit ignorant concerning religion but this particular act does not strike me as being very Christian. Being an impoverished student I just cannot afford to throw away $5.00. Hoping others will not get caught the same way.

I remain, etc.,

W. J. Watson.