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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Student's Newspaper. Volume 31 Number 2. March 12, 1968

'New image' political need

'New image' political need

Politicians in New Zealand encounter "not merely distrust but outright derision," Dr. A. M. Findlay told the Labour Club last Friday.

"We began to feel that whenever we come to a gathering we ought to begin by apologising for our existence," he said.

The Government had been en attacked by people such as Sir Edmund Hillary for its "credibility gap"—but Labour also had its own credibility gap.

The strength of scepticism about both Labour and National was shown by Social Credit's gain at the last election.

Suggestions also indicated that "five or six good men", could run the country better than Parliament.

Such criticism could be the precursor to an antidemocratic regime.

It must be countered by asustained effort to refurbish the image of Parliament.

"The economy we have known is with us no longer. We need new solutions to meet new problems—andvery often we don't know what the problems are" Dr. Findlay said.

Industry was not, as some claimed, New Zealand's salvation—it was a supplement to the soil, and would be for a long time.