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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 9. 1967.

ISC condemns CIA finances

ISC condemns CIA finances

Wellington — The International Student Conference (ISC) Secretariat has published resolutions of the Supervision Committee on the recent confession of United States National Students' Association officials of their connection with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The CIA financed a major part of USNSA's international activities over a 15-year period.

The Committee of the ISC strongly condemned "both certain former top USNSA officers and the United States Government and CIA for subverting and corrupting an apparently democratic national student organisation; and for cynically betraying the good faith and democratic ideals of students throughout the world with which USNSA has had relations."

The Committee has resolved "to continue the suspension of USNSA's membership in the ISC until such time as USNSA has reconsidered fully its international involvement on the basis of the recent disclosures."

USNSA must provide full evidence that it has completely severed all ties with the CIA. If this evidence is not available before the Committee's next regular meeting, then the Committee recommends the expulsion of USNSA from the ISC.

Fund sources of the ISC are also to be investigated. Allegations have been made that some of the fund sources of the ISC—namely the Foundation for Youth and Student Affairs and the San Jacinto Fund—have been financed by the CIA. No new requests are to be made to either of these sources until a final decision on them has been made. There will be an attempt to diversify the number of fund sources of the ISC.