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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 4. 1967.

Neutrality is out

page 3

Neutrality is out

Marshall says...

A Student's proposal to give draftees a choice between military training and civilian service abroad should be considered carefully, said Mr. Marshall (the Deputy Prime Minister). "This is the first time I've heard the idea suggested."

AT an SCM meeting last week 15 students and the Deputy Prime Minister discussed military and moral problems.

"Probably the most effective thing being done against Communism is the Colombo Plan, which is raising standards of living in South-east Asia.

"However, both aid and military defence are necessary in containing Communism. We are spending the bare minimum on defence, and as much as possible on aid. Our contribution of aid is increasing, but very slowly. New Zealanders are just not prepared to make the necessary sacrifice.

Mr. Marshall rejected neutrality as a solution to defence problem. "The examples of Sweden and Switzerland suggest CMT would be necessary on an even larger scale. We would be relieved of our obligations under collective security. But because we are such an isolated country, we would not be able to protect ourselves by ourselves, even if we decided to spend more on defence."

Other countries would not respect our neutrality and "it would certainly not better our relations with Australia, with the United States, or even with Britain. Besides, the idea of neutrality is alien to New Zealand's whole concept of her place in the world. We know clearly where we stand and who we support

"It is our policy to contain Communism within its present boundaries. It is conceivable that Communism could dominate the whole of South-east Asia. We would look with little comfort on this type of development.

"We wouldn't interfere where a country is in danger of becoming Communist if it is not subject to external aggression. This was the situation in Indonesia until October. 1965. and it was a matter only for the Indonesians.

"But World Revolution is still a basic principle of Communism. Chinese activities in Tibet, Korea, and on the Indian border show that they use war for political purposes New Zealand's position is to resist aggression "

Rt Hon J. R. Marshall, Deputy PM (right) with Kevin Clements of the SCM.

Rt Hon J. R. Marshall, Deputy PM (right) with Kevin Clements of the SCM.