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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 30, No. 2. 1967.

Action approved

Action approved

Sir,—The protest of "Cynic" in his "Insight" column of Salient, March 2, at the refusal of the student authorities to allow Grand Establishment to show films to the student body is unjustified. The VUW Film Society fully supports the Executive move, just as it supported a similar ban last year on NZUSA screenings, on the grounds that there is already in this university an active film society formed for the sole purpose of showing films to students and other film enthusiasts. It is not committed to a rigid programme of set films which cannot be altered, nor does it neglect to screen any available film of merit. Many special screenings were held last year (eg Alexander Nevsky and Adieu Phillpine) and a similar policy is to be followed this year.

And lest "Cynic" doubt the motives of the Film Society in taking this attitude, I must point out that the screening of all films by the Society allows a slight profit to be made which creates the opportunity to obtain further films. This cyclic process is essential for the continued showing of films of quality in the university, rather than recent films on the immediate commercial circuit, and is best conducted by one student society alone.

G. Walker.