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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 12. 1965.

Roger's Corner:

Roger's Corner:


Ra Ra Rog ! !

The association's got an Hon. Secretary
Not the model of discretion—he gets real hairy.
If things ain't moving along his way
It's sure old Rog will have something to say.
Well, Ra Ra Rog!

A groan goes around the executive table.
Looks like things will be none too stable.
What, another unexciting secretarial notion?
Let's hear it put in the form of a motion.
Ha Ha Rog.

Says the P.R.O. "What're all these words?
Move that the speaker be no longer heard."
Amendment, rescission, chaos on the floor,
And there goes Rog jest a-walking out the door.
Ta Ta Rog.

"I resign" shouts Rog. "This is really shoddy.
I'm becoming a mere exec. dogsbody."
But now the exec. is all consternation,
And Rog will retract his resignation
Ra Ra Rog.

It's not that Rog does real good work
It's just that exec. knows of no other jerk
To do his boring, useless task.
So cheer up boys, and pass round the flask
For dear old Rog.

Roger Lawrence