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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 7. 1965.

Executive Notebook

Executive Notebook

Exec. Reporter

Applications for awards amounting to about £1200 under the David Henry Scholarship were invited in a notification received at the Victoria student executive meeting of May 26. The scholarship assists students undertake study and research in forest establishment, maintenance and utilisation either in New Zealand or overseas.

The Executive also received a request from the New Zealand Jaycee for the nomination of candidates for the Jaycee's Three Outstanding Young Men awards for 1965.

Both matters were handed on to the education committee for further consideration.

The executive has joined the ranks of those protesting against plants to demolish the Bolton Street Cemetery.

Michael Moriarty was elected student representative on the university council and a recommendation was made to council for the reappointment of Mr. M. Mason as students' representative on the student union management committee.

The renovation of a Maori meeting house at Papawai, near Greytown, as a workcamp project is planned by the international affairs committee. The meeting house originally featured quite a number of carvings, of about 10ft in height, but now only four of these remain standing. The rest lie overgrown by grass in the surrounding paddock.

The disappearance of three kegs of beer and five cases of cider from the capping ball was reported to the executive. It was decided to instruct controllers of future functions to take measures to stop liquor being removed illegally. One executive member mentioned that his flatmate had arrived home with a free bottle of champagne from the ball, although there was no official report of its disappearance. Other executive members had heard of similar acquisitions.

Murray Boldt said some people had been disturbed at the behaviour of executive members at the ball. After the liquor was turned off downstairs, a number of graduates had come upstairs to join in the proceedings of the executive room.

The president was asked to establish who ordered the turning off of the liquor 20 minutes early so that some liquor was apparently opened but not drunk.