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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 7. 1965.

Gave Credit Where Due

Gave Credit Where Due

Juan Matteucci's efforts to raise the playing standard of the NZBC Symphony Orchestra (see "Juan Matteucci—the man and his music," issue 6 appear to be achieving both the desired results and belated praise from the sections of the public most anxious to criticise his "unimaginative programming" at the beginning of the year.

Owen Jensen headlined his review of the last subscription concert "Tone Control Feature of Latest Concert." He stated "Juan Matteucci's choicest ambition of 1965 is to mould 'his' orchestra into a better and better ensemble. His players are right with him in applying this polishing process to 'their' orchestra.

"As there is no conflict either of aim or proprietary interest between the 'his' and the 'their' the NZBC Symphony Orchestra should have no difficulty in … escalating its playing. In fact, Saturday night's concert showed that it is already on the way up.

"… it was playing to remind us that, in the NZBC Symphony Orchestra … we have players whose skill and integrity are no mean asset. And Juan Matteucci is a conductor to make the most of it."—Evening Post 29/5/65.