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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 7. 1965.

Drama Club Be - Devilled?

Drama Club Be - Devilled?

Sirs,—It is time that tills university adopted a more enlightened attitude towards its Drama Club. Here is a club with a large and talented membership, producing work of the highest standard and yet receiving little but discouragement and obstruction from the student administration.

The recent production of "The Devils" provides a good example. Assembled by the Club were a first-rate producer, cast and technical crew. The resulting play received nothing but praise from even the sternest of critics and was hailed as one of the most exciting productions seen in Wellington for many years. And yet it is a wonder that this play ever managed to reach the stage.

At every step the Club was obstructed in its work: by troubles in obtaining rooms for rehearsals, by threats, censure motions and a fine. For three of the four weeks before production the costume crew was permitted only a few hours in the wardrobe room, with the end result that several costumes were either incomplete or inadequate for the demands of the play. Students' Association President Robins attempted to have the club's activities restricted to ordinary Union hours.

This is unreason carried to the extent of stupidity. The club's committee is conscientious and capable, yet it is denied full use of the very facilities to which its claim is pre-eminent.

Students in this city are often accused of immaturity in thought and action. The Drama Club is one of the few organisations in the university which consistently brings before the public evidence both of intelligence and maturity. Surely it should receive encouragement rather than obstruction.

Peter Jenkin.