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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 6. 1965.

Adverts For Ourselves

Adverts For Ourselves

Sirs,—It would appear from Mr. H. B. Rennie's article on Social Credit in Vol. 28, No. 2, and his reply to W. Dalglish's letter in Vol. 28, No, 4, that he has restricted his reading to Martin Nestor's and Prof. Danks' criticisms, and has made no real study of the subject himself. Because of the position he holds within the National Party, the former's views might reasonably be expected to reflect opposition to Social Credit: Professor Danks is an economist of standing; but has he made a searching Inquiry himself into the possibility of there being "a small group vaguely designated Bankers and International Financiers" seeking universal control?

"The Mirror" (N.Z.), issued August, 1951, had an article by Professor Frederick Soddy. M. A., LL.D, F.R.S., a chemist of International repute, and not a Social Crediter, but a keen student of Money and Banking and an author in these subjects. Quoting from his article:

"My thesis is that the threatened collapse of our Western civilisation has nothing to do with the political issues between Capitalism and Communism, but is the consequence of its false money system. Not only the impending collapse, but its whole development, culminating in this very concentration of power into two opposing world groups, has been due to the creation and issue of money having passed out of the hands of the several nations, at first into the hands of private bankers and now into the supernational Money Power which has usurped sovereignty over the Western World." Well, Mr. Rennie.

Does Mr. Rennie know that the Alberta Press Censorship Law of 1937 was in fact entitled "An Act to ensure Publication of Accurate News Information," and, if not, would he have certain knowledge that such an Act was not warranted? Freedom of the Press is a fine thing, provided that it is not abused. Does Mr. Rennie read the newspapers?

J. A. Cameron,

President, Social Credit Association.