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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 5. 1965.

We Pledge..

We Pledge...

We Print here the three portfolios which we have received from declared candidates in the Executive elections. As we warned in our last issue, nominations closed after our printing deadline. However, to keep faith with our readers, we will attempt to issue a cyclostyled supplement if other candidates are nominated,—Editors.

K. Tate___Treasurer

Keven is an Honours graduand in Economics, and also holds a bachelor's degree in Accounting. He received his secondary education at Naenae College, and has spent two years full-time and three years part-time at Victoria. This year he is completing accountancy professional examinations and delving into Political Science. Employed by the Reserve Bank, he is also a sessional assistant in the University Accountancy Department and a part-time fireman. He has skied, tramped, played water-polo, and plays rugby with varying degrees of seriousness, all with Victoria clubs.

Having been Secretary of the Swimming Club until being co-opted to Executive as Association Treasurer, Treasurer of last year's May seminar on New Zealand's development, and a member of Extrav, male ballet for the last two years, Keven has had considerable experience in student activities. He was also a member of the recent study tour to Fiji and has an interest in debating.

POLICY: Since I took over as Association Treasurer at the beginning of this year, I have commenced investigating a number of Association activities and proposals with the aim of improving both their financial and organisational structure. These include:

(a) Halls of Residence: Although most concerned with present inadequacies, I am wary of proposals for the Association to undertake their provision. Exhaustive enquiries into any such project are necessary–rushing in and buying properties "to take the lead" could become expensive liabilities to the general student, both in capital and running costs. But strong student agitation must of course continue.

(b) University bookshop: At the Easter Treasurers' meetings in Christchurch, I have learned at first hand of the problems likely to be encountered, as shown in particular by Auckland's experience. Considerable problems in both running and financing are likely, including those of competitive price-cutting, which should be overcome by running a discount scheme similar to that of the Public Service Investment Society.

(c) Bursaries and Fees: I am at present concocting means of obtaining benefits which could be made available by minor taxation changes.

(d) Coffee Bar: I hope to be able to turn this into a profitable concern, rather than have it continue to make the present (admittedly modest) loss.

(e) Extrav.: This could also be developed into a substantial source of income for the Association, last year being a good start after previous setbacks.

Overall, it is most desirable to form a programme of future likely expenditure and possible income for a member of years. This has not been done in the past, but would help prevent the continual raising of the Association subscription seen over recent years. Although I do not accept the view that anything which costs money is not worthwhile, other means of finance than raising fees must and can be found.

If elected, I will, with the experience gained during my time in office so far this year, endeavour to continue my efforts to ensure that the financial affairs of the Association and its affiliated clubs are kept on a sound footing.

C. Robertson___President

A Science student at present working at the Dominion Museum, Christopher Robertson, was educated at Napier Boys' High and has been both a part and full-time student at University. Following training at Wellington teachers' College he spent two years secondary school teaching before returning to continue his degree.

He is the present Publications Officer of the Association and edited the "Introduction to the University" in 1963 and Capping magazine in 1964. During his term he has instituted a reorganisation of "Salient" so that students may have the benefit of an efficient and well run news medium.

A Victoria Blue in rifle shooting, he shot for the New Zealand Universities team in 1964 and captained this year's successful team at Tournament.

Policy: The need of any Students' Association is an efficient administration which enables matters of concern to students to be dealt with rapidly and efficiently.

1. Procedures covering grants to sports and cultural clubs at present arousing concern will be investigated and an equitable basis of distribution formulated.

2. The future needs of the Student Union buildings and their present management in fields in which students feel they have grievances will be further investigated.

3. Further moves will be made in the field of student concessions especially concerning transport with the possibility of setting up a Student Travel Bureau.

4. Accommodation problems will continue to be presented to the public and the government. It is proposed to hold a rents and conditions survey of student accommodation.

5. The public image of the student continually treads the thin line between rejection and acceptance. Hasty and badly presented cases of grievance can only undermine support. Students deserve to be heard in the community, but their voice must be solid and well prepared.

6. Constitutional reconstruction is a pressing need and this will be instituted to facilitate any proposals for the streamlining of the administration of our Association.

7. Student Welfare and activities are a primary function of the President and the Association. All students and groups are encouraged to present ideas, needs and problems for consideration.

R. Lawrence___Secretary

Roger Suffield Lawrence, aged 19, a second-year law student running for Secretary, is Secretary of the Golf Club, Secretary of the Bridge Club, Secretary of the Winter Tournament Committee, and a member of the International Affairs Committee.

I believe that most Executive positions should be held by full-time students, except the position of Treasurer, as this requires a fairly well experienced accountancy student. The position or Secretary on Executive should not be merely administrative but also a main source of directing to the attention of the Executive student opinion and also student needs. I would, if elected, try to modify the far radical ideas of some members to the point where they are acceptable to general opinion, but also to prevent any ultra-conservatism from blocking effective student action which is so vital to the community as a whole, since it is the students who should be producing fresh ideas to avoid stagnation in this country.

I have been closely associated with the Student Action Movement since its inception and intend to continue with this, using every means open to me to gain better student accommodation and to eliminate as far as possible bursary and fees anomalies.

I also intend following up a motion of NZUSA that constituents examine their relationship and use from NZUSA and to make this my personal responsibility. I believe strongly in the tremendous use and need for such a national student body.

In general I will, if elected, maintain close contact with the thought of the general student body, and not use my Executive position merely to further my own ideas and ends. I believe that the Executive should use its office to work for the interests of (1) all students at VUWSA and (2) students in general.