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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 3. 1965.



"I Have read The Daily Pennsylvanian for two years now, and I have felt that your paper consistently has lacked a sound editorial policy. The best I can do is liken you to a yappy pup who has yet to learn that he will receive more attention when he controls his spleen. Issues are important. But they are important only in terms of the direction of the University community, not in terms of how much excitement they will generate, or merely for their own sake. The Daily Pennsylvanian must acquire a sense of perspective: the paper must distinguish between durability and transcience. You will then be a newspaper in the tradition of the best newspapers, those read because they present events as completely and objectively as possible, those remembered because they have analyzed the news and formed opinions on the basis of sound editorial policy." — The Daily Pennsylvanian. University of Pennsylvania.

When you insist men and women are equal, what is it that you insist upon? That men and women should be given equal work, or equal pay for equal work? The former absurdity, the latter wisdom! It is true that a donkey should be entitled to equal rewards for equal work; but whether donkeys as well as Smith and Jones should be admitted to the diplomatic service is the essential question that is left untouched,— The Student.