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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 3. 1965.

Thurbage On Apathy

Thurbage On Apathy

On the other hand, one of the least encouraging trends this year is the number of middle-aged people studying. I don't mean middle - aged time - wise, but middle-aged mentally. People who received "mature and co-operative, chairman of the library committee" on their high school reports. There are more and more. Fearsomely dowdy in bulging print dresses and sensible underwear; grey. Sunday school longs and vests. Fortunately we shall never hear from them They will burrow in the womb of the library and always be thoroughly sensible, ever so sensible. Heigh-ho.

They are an insipid blight. The future Grey-Grundfes. Often there are the whisperers and gigglers whose personalities are so deficient that they barricade themselves into tiny defensive alliances against the world. Personality communes. Ethereal Lesbians. They cannot recognise themselves. The males are notably uninteresting Hardly positive enough to be bores. In doing nothing they are safe from falling. They personify the lack of student spirit they lament If they can be bothered. Yawn. So busy.

This year they will sign petitions because petitions require no effort. Anyway they can't find a reason to refuse. They strive for healthy study habits. Hurray for healthy study habits A habit where life just proceeds despite education. An excuse for apathy. For me, education should proceed despite life. You can abuse them, cajole them to do something and all they do is slide away whimpering about having to wash their hair in the evening or finish something or anything.

Lock themselves away. I heap dung on them. Jack Student and all. A pox on them. Anyway they'll react typically when they read all this. They'll agree.

Journalists say a thing that they know is not true in the hope that if they keep on saying it it will be true.—Enoch Arnold Bennet.

The dance band at the Maori Club dance during Orientation Week.

The dance band at the Maori Club dance during Orientation Week.