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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 1. 1965.

Calling All Sports

Calling All Sports

You chose to come here, didn't you? And if you're so inclined, Victoria has a club for nearly any sport you care to name. A list of summer sports clubs and secretaries follows:

The Athletics Club hold meetings every Thursday night on the Boyd-Wilson Field, at the end of Wai-te-ata Road. Secretary is Chris Corry, phone 28-411.

The Cricket Club will continue to function up to Easter. Secretary N. Bridge can be found at 42-929.

The 303 Rifle Club has shoots each Saturday out at Trentham, supply your own ammunition only. Mike Burch is the secretary, at 45-836.

Rowing Club wants anyone interested in rowing to contact the secretary, Peter Wear, phone 688-278, as soon as possible.

The Swimming Club caters for both swimmers and water polo players. Training sessions are held weekly, with the assistance of a professional coach, and club secretary is Keven Tate, phone 695-421.

The Yacht Club is not a competitive outfit, but tries to give those interested in sailing a chance to do so. Mike Bain is the secretary, phone 85-056.

The Tennis Club is probably the strongest of the summer clubs, but still requires new members. Please phone John Souter, 40-711.

The Women's Outdoor Basket-ball Club starts practices as soon as the University year begins, to have a team fit for Easter Tournament. Club captain is Sue Ward, phone 76-609.

The Swords Club, featured this issue, and the Judo Club, which we hope to feature next issue, are both all-year sports and commence almost straight away. Secretaries are Dave Hurley, 49-760. and Sue Fitchett. 63-427, respectively.

The Volleyball Club officials seem to have gone into hiding, but the Physical Welfare Officer, Mr. Landreth, will be able to give full details of when, where, and how.

In fact, if you have any queries about sport or just general physical fitness, just walk over to the Gymnasium—if you're not too far gone—and ask Mr. Landreth. Various classes are held in the gymnasium including Yoga. Trampolining and dry Ski training, so if you believe in "mens sana in corpore sano," this article should help you look after the corpore part. There's nought we can do about your mind.