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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 14. 1964.



Sir.—I was astounded at the performance of certain members of the Victoria delegation to Winter Council.

The flippancy of Mr. Robins during discussion appalled other universities delegates and amazed me. Sure, have a bit of levity but don't overdo it. The suggestion that Palmerston North was a suburb of Wellington was greeted with cries of astonishment and derision.

I would say to Mr. Robins that if he had travelled by second-class rail to Auckland. Instead of flying, he would have soon discovered the fallacy in this supposition.

It seemed apparent from certain of Mr. Robins's remarks that takeover bids are in the air; Auckland is making a take-over bid for Wellington and Mr. Robins tried to make a take-over for NZUSA president by having a treasurer's veto on all NZUSA expenditure.

His abuse of his position as NZUSA treasurer and leader of the Victoria delegation, although only just faintly amusing the first two or three times, had rather palled towards 3.30am on the Monday morning of Winter Council:

"Mr. Chairman, as leader of the Victoria delegation . . ."

"Mr. Chairman, as NZUSA treasurer . . ."

I suggest that at the next council meeting Mr. Robins go as NZUSA treasurer only and that Victoria should send another more competent person as a member of the delegation.

In spite of Mr. Robins, the Victoria delegation was able through the personal contacts that they made to get its remits passed. This was most evident in the passing of the many international motions which Victoria moved. Auckland seconded most of these.

Mr. Taylor impressed the other delegates most—in fact he not Mr, Robins, "led" the delegation.

Many delegates were keen to see the female wonder of Victoria. Miss Sutch. One or two people displayed their continued interest but the majority were disappointed. I gather that Miss Sutch did not have a very high opinion of the NZUSA dinner.

The observers observed, and one of them chased. It was a waste of time accrediting most of them. That's about all that can be said for them.

All in all a more shabby performance I have yet to see.—I am, etc.,

R. J. Kortere

This letter was received signed by an obviously fictitious "R. J. Kortere". Consequently, on our customary policy it could not be printed. However, Mr. J. B. Mc-Kinlay, upon reading the letter, felt in agreement with the sentiments expressed and volunteered to have his name appended to the letter.

Students Association President Tom Robins, commenting on the contents, writes "Thank you, Mr. McKinlay, for your comments."