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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 14. 1964.

"Beware Of The Bonds": New Version Reviewed

"Beware Of The Bonds": New Version Reviewed

NZUSA's new pamphlet still hits at Bonded Bursaries with single aim, but the tone is changed. The overall pattern remains the same, but rephrasing has tamed it. A bitter, if controversial, comment on Training Colleges is gone:

"The financial advantages of a Studentship come to an abrupt halt at the Training College stage of your career. Life at College is often uninspiring and comes as a sudden shock after the freedom or University life. You will discover as a disillusioned teacher on section that teenagers are not all crying out for your pearls of wisdom and many have to be forcibly educated."

In it's place appears a new, emphasised sentence:

"This pamphlet is not intended to discourage you from entering the teaching profession which many people find a rewarding and satisfying career."

Reconsideration has meant gains in accuracy also. The pamphlet admits for the first time the difficulty that girls face of saving more than about £10 per week in long vacation. The pamphlet is clearer, more concise. Gone are the phrases emotionally loaded against studentships ("Skilfully de-vised to entice "gullible be reargued NZUSA sixth-former") to placed by a calmly presentation of the case.

The pamphlet's new end pushes home the message in a dignified if firm manner:

"While recognising the serious shortage of postprimary teachers, we believe that the present studentship system is an unethical method of recruitment.

"Be wary of making a decision before even entering University which commits you for at least the next seven years of your life.

"We say this firstly in light of our experience of many disgruntled students who now wish they had not taken a studentship and secondly, for the sake of many teenagers who may be taught by frustrated young teachers whose main interest is counting the months until they are free.

"Pause . . . and think seriously . . . Before committing yourself to the bondage of a studentship."

Hugh Rennie