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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 14. 1964.

Linked with Asia

Linked with Asia

When the New Zealand delegates returned early this year from the Third Asian Regional Cooperation Seminar for students, they stated in their report that "there can be no doubt that New Zealand's future is inextricably linked with Asia." Not that this was a revolutionary statement. But It only emphasises something about which people have been saying as much as they have been doing little.

At the ISC New Zealand was accepted as part of the Asian region. I say "accepted" because, let's face it, the "genuine" Asians don't have much need for us. At least not nearly as much as we have for them. It is only through our participation in the Asian region and through co-operation with Asians that we were able to fully participate in the conference.

I suggest that time will show that not only is the future of New Zealand and New Zealanders linked economically, socially, politically and strategically with Asia but it is only through cooperation and sincere desire to understand Asian viewpoints that New Zealand will be able to take a full part in international activity.

What is of direct importance to New Zealand students is that they are now one of the 11 members of the supervision committee of the ISC which directs the ISC programme during the next two years. They are on this committee as the representatives of South-East Asia. Accordingly, they have a two-fold responsibility; to find out and understand Asian viewpoints and attitudes and to represent them at the committee.