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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 14. 1964.

What causes homosexuality?

What causes homosexuality?

No one really knows. There is evidence that in some cases the deciding factor is inborn. In other cases the parent-child relationship appears to have been a contributing cause, but much more research is needed on this question.

It is frequently described as a psychological disease. However, on close examination, this kind of terminology can be seen to be dependent on moral judgments. It is no more a disease than is left-handedness. Another minority condition.

So far in this article I have been attempting to clear away the debris of superstition and inaccuracy which surrounds this subject in order to find a rational basis on which to discuss the relationship of the homosexual and society.

Society's attitude to homosexuality has been governed by two principle factors—fear, and moral disapproval. This is reflected in our criminal law which imposes penalties ranging from five to fourteen years imprisonment for various sexual acts between males.