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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 14. 1964.

Hagley Park Case

Hagley Park Case

He declined to give an opinion on the Hagley Park case because he was not present at the trial; nor was he in possession of all the facts.

Mr. Roger Clark. Junior lecturer in jurisprudence and constitutional law, said that the Hagley Park decision was certainly unusual. (Reasons need not be given by a jury, but the grounds for the acquittal were presumably that no single offender could be found guilty).

He added that the Crimes Bill of 1959 reduced maximum sentences, but the public outcry was such that the bill was not passed.

The homosexual's position in New Zealand society was as unenviable as it ever was. These were the maximum prison sentences to which he was liable:
1.Indecency, indecent assault, between man and boy, seven years.
2.Between adult males, five years.
3.Sodomy between a male and a female, 14 years.
4.Sodomy between males—seven years.

It is a curious reflection upon sexual values in this country that the maximum sentence for bestiality is no greater than that for sodomy between males (seven years). It is Just as curious that lesbians are not punishable under New Zealand law: perhaps they are considered less harmful to the community (after all, what can they do?)

Finally, anyone owning or operating a resort for homosexual acts is liable to a sentence of 10 years. Perhaps it is thought that this is the only way to reduce the incidence of this sinful behaviour in the community. From corruption guard our state.