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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 9. 1963.

Heckler at Arab Talk

Heckler at Arab Talk

The bitter. 15 year old Arab-Israel dispute flared up in the common room recently.

Jordanian born Mahomed Juma was presenting the Arab side of the conflict to the International Club. Describing the conditions under which the million odd Arab refugees from Palestine were living he quoted historian Arnold Toynbee as comparing Jewish behaviour morally to that of the Nazis.

"The Western support of Israel," Juma continued was, "a new and polite Christian way of segregating the Jews." The 1917 Balfour Declaration promising Palestine to the Jews as a national home was the most aggressive thing Britain could have done.

Juma went on to repudiate Zionist claims that Israel (Palestine) is their national home land. He pointed out that Moslems had ruled and been in a majority there for 1400 years. "If Palestine is sacred to twelve million Jews it is even more so to 250 million Moslems." he stated. As for the Jews being homeless, "economically they are the strongest people in the world, the financial leaders in America and Britain."

At this point an Israeli student rose and declared himself a veteran of the 1956 Sinai campaign. He heatedly informed the meeting that the Arabs had begun the fighting and that the refugees had left of their own accord.

Juma retorted that this was propaganda of a sort "of which people are full." Order was restored when the Israeli student sat down declaring that if anyone wanted the truth they should come to him.

He was heckled—Mahomed Juma.

He was heckled—Mahomed Juma.