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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 9. 1963.

Arts Society Replies

Arts Society Replies

Sir,—'W.B.' in his criticism of the Contemporary Arts concert has completely ignored the aims of the group. We are interested in a wide range of artistic activities esspecially those which other clubs do not attempt. Also we present on the some programme experienced people from down-town along with talented but inexperienced students. Liaison between the various university groups and the town is an aim of ours achieved to a large extent.

The last concert was badly staged: all our concerts are!

It has been a constant problem to achieve a unified programme. For instance many of the musicians play every night in town and can only appear at a specified time. Also the type of screen installed in the theatre makes it almost impossible to integrate movies with other acts. With many rehearsals we could perhaps achieve a slick and stylised performance. However we prefer a workshop atmosphere. This is why there was a half hour coffee break in the middle instead of at the end of the concert, to try and break down to some extent the audience participants dichotomy.

I wish to make only two comments on "W.B"'s, criticism of the individual items. Firstly his criticism would have been easier to take seriously if there had not been glaring factual errors such as confusing the sexes of various participants. Secondly it seems Just as pointless to criticise inexperienced artists on the grounds of a lack of finesse in their techniques as it is to rubbish an immature critic for a lack of judgement.

I am, etc.. D. A. Flude. Contemporary Arts Group Committee.