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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 9. 1963.

Around The Campus

Around The Campus

You know, last issue was my worst so far. It looked okay when I wrote it, but in harsh type looked meagre and disjointed. The paucity of its humour and its obvious straining for effect was pointed out to me by so many people that I am forced to reappraise the whole thing.

Now for those people who think this column is terrible, let me say that I for one have no illusions; I am not attempting to give an honest account of student life; in fact I am not sure quite what I am trying to do. All I know is that people seem to enjoy reading it and since I enjoy writing it, we're okay.

The Girls at Vic A seem to take exception to some of my remarks last time. Got a letter from a doll compromisingly calling herself "Elle Virgo," and I quote: "It is disheartening to find that our purity induces suffocation rather than the spirit of challenge." Well done, Miss Virgo (?), I like females who have spirit: I can assure you that you are taking a risk by implying a lack of virility in Weir males.

Peter Blizard got one up on me the other day during the Governor-General's visit. I was sitting in the cafe, unshaven, and looking as decrepit as ever, when as the official party passed by, Blizard, with a fiendish grin, called me across. I thought it was some routine matter like a libel case or something, but I was rapidly surrounded by important gentlemen in gowns and thrust towards his Excellency. I arrived breathlessly and highly embarrassed and was introduced as Salient's columnist. Still it's something I can tell my grandchildren.

I signed the disarmament petition as EI Crud, but I saw later it had been crossed out. The cute little girl behind the desk said she would like to be mentioned in the column, but wisely refused to give her name. The mad desire of some people to get their name into print amazes me; I have decided that I shall not compliment anyone by name. Please don't feel hurt, but I feel I must have some eccentricities.

Went to a twenty-first the other night, on the condition that I make a mention. There was this female there who was sounding off about student apathy. Now this is my favourite topic, being as I am a professional apathist, so I remarked that not much could be done about the apathy, that it was indeed basic and that most people were interested only in getting a degree. (When I have been drinking I become even more talkative than normal.)

I had my birthday last week and so reach the noble age of twenty, still as pure as snow. How I have managed to remain untarnished by my environment perplexes me. Afraid my celebrations were a mere shadow of last year's.

The Weir and Weir Old Boys football teams roared off to Christchurch over study week. Mark Harris did the ferry booking but knew only three names. Un-flurried, he calmly manufactured 30-odd names. Later Joe Bloggs and Christine Keeler withdrew. What a monty trip. Rolleston House put on over 60 gallons of grog and females. Hear someone tried to swim the Avon.