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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 9. 1963.

Bookshop Passed Over In SUB Additions

Bookshop Passed Over In SUB Additions

The proposed second floor of the SUB will not contain a bookshop. This was decided at the first meeting of the new Executive. However, it was moved that further consideration be given to the campus bookshop proposal.

It was suggested that the SCM second-hand bookshop be extended to incorporate a full shop on the second floor in the SUB. Brian Opie, the Secretary, stated this would require a licence for bookselling which is something the SCM does not have and apparently does not intend to obtain. Other suggestions included a Whit-combe & Tombs branch on the campus and our own bookshop-company in competition with Whitcombes. It was generally agreed that there were other necessities for the second floor to be considered ahead of a bookshop.

Executive President Peter Blizard said 4200 sq. ft. of the available 7570 sq. ft. had already been allocated. Since a bookshop would require storage space as well as shop space, he was against having it in the SUB second floor.

The New Floor will include some sort of coffee or snack bar to take the rush from the cafe. Suggestions discussed generally, included a club kitchen and some sort of rehearsal room for drama, cultural and other clubs. It was also suggested that this room, if decided on, should have facilities for showing films.

There was some discussion as to whether the executive should enter into correspondence with the University Council on plans for future halls of residence at Victoria. Some thought it would be better to go directly to the Government instead of to the Council. Others thought it was not advisable to write to anybody at all and merely obtain information by word of mouth. However, it was finally decided that a letter be drafted but that it be subject to a personal meeting of the President and the Vice-Chancellor concerning the matter.

Approval was given to a scheme of lectures by qualified people on "New Zealand in the sixties." Only local people would be approached to avoid significant expense.

It was moved that Bruce Middle-ton be appointed chairman of the International Affairs Committee. In answer to a plea by Robin Bell the deficit of "not more than £10" for the Science Faculty Ball was paid for by the executive.

At the previous Executive's last meeting it was moved that £1900 be invested in stock although no particular stock was mentioned. Mark Harris has now stated this will be Government stock. At the same meeting it was moved that the Council be approached concerning the teaching of Oriental languages at Victoria. It was agreed that both Malay and Chinese should be taught. If only one were possible it should be Malay.