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Salient. Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 7. Tuesday, June 18, 1963

Student Protests

Student Protests


As the lack of lecture halls and laboratories at academic institute has become unbearable, the students of Vienna have again demonstrated to remind the public and government of this alarming condition which may lead to a castrophe.

Two years ago they went on strike for the first time, asking for a larger cut of the culture budget. The demonstration was repeated last year. But its result-was nothing more than a complete jam or traffic within the city of Vienna.

Salient's Austrian Correspondent

Though the government was generous in vain promises of quick help, the state budget was over-strained by the demands of farmers, officials and trade unions, so that not enough money could be procured to support culture, and education in an adequate way.

The last demonstrations of May 15 and 16, however, could not find the approval of the public. They led to some serious transgressions and excesses in the course of which a few students were arrested for wanton damage of cars and trams.

Even the Students' Union, which kept its distance from such transgressions, criticising them sharply, is to blame in so far as it left the: guidance of the demonstrations to radical elements which only wanted to make riots.

Dr. Heinrich Drimmel, Education Minister, commented: "We shall demand 63 new professor ships for the coming year. The administration of education will once more demand more rooms, more academic teachers and better conditions of study from the government in the coming budget."