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Salient. Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 7. Tuesday, June 18, 1963

Around The Campus

Around The Campus

Well Fm back from a fortnight of debauchery in my home town, filled with a new sense of purpose. For nearly three years I have mucked around, wasted the morning: of my life, but no longer. To understand this fully you would have to explore the dim recesses of my mind, a feat as yet accomplished by no one save myself and I'm not telling you. The holidays for me are a wonderful period of restoration. I eat and sleep and do little else, except on Saturday, when I got a trifle drunk and did a shabby in front of guests to my father's horror. This was the one blemish in a fortnight otherwise spent studying projective geometry and reading "War and Peace," hemmed in by Desargue and Tolstoy.

Sad to say, though, I have missed out on my "no drink" bet after only four days. One glass, one glass, was all had, but that was enough and I am now obliged to make a donation to Alcoholics Anonymous.

I've Just managed to extricate myself from that big bookshop downtown where they're having a sale. Sales affect me in an odd way. I seem to go a trifle berko and rush round buying tomes on pot plants and Zen Buddhism made easy. My favourite trick is to get the second volume without the first. I did this with "Forever Amber" (which I thought was a manual on traffic control). Getting the second volume home I found the heroine already in bed with the Merry Monarch, which is unsettling to one used to a bit of preliminary byplay. It was worse still with "The Brothers Karamazov." Russian novels are damned hard to follow as it is with all their patronymics and what not. Consequently I didn't try, and it sits unread upon my shelves, a monument to impulse, till I locate a Volume I.

Did you see the photo of Sy Carter in the last issue? A doll like that sort of puts me to shame. If my fizzog turned up in Salient I'd get elected president or something and that would be bad.

Next week is National Slobs Week, a special time for those guys who assert their independence by queue jumping, shoving through doorways, taking the lift for one floor, standing for Executive, going in Extravaganza and generally acting in a manner likely to cause a breach of the peace. I will give a series of lectures on how to avoid shouting at the Midland, handling barmaids and other revolting customs.

Talking of revolting customs; the other day a Weir fresher sighted an animal ambling across his dinner. Poor thing. It took one bite of carrot and dropped dead. They breed 'em tough at Weir! Ross Ferguson has taken to collecting and preserving the more exotic specimens, says it helps him look at things philosophically.

Those posters the Judo Club had for their barn dance were wonderful. I really liked the one depicting Beethoven. In fact, poster art is flourishing in this place. Not like that terrible art exhibition last term. Several of the boys wanted to flog it and present it to the latrine attendant at the Railway Station to give his patrons something to look at.