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Salient. Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 6. Tuesday, June 4, 1963



Sir,—I resigned from the Executive because a majority of them lacked the courage to publicly express their convictions.

At the last Executive meeting I contended that a recent Salient editorial, entitled "The Ethics Of SGMs" had breached the unwritten ethics of journalists, in referring unnecessarily to certain past events in the life of a student of this university. All Executive members agreed with my contention that what was written was in fact unethical and—to say the least—"in poor taste."

I maintained that the prime function of the Executive is to protect the rights of the constituent members—the students; furthermore I maintained that what was stated in the editorial in question was an unwarrantable intrusion into the private life of a student. As such the Executive was bound to express its strong disapproval of the editorial and therefore to extend its support to the student referred to in that editorial.

The Executive agreed that the editorial was unethical; yet they failed to extend their influence and protect one of the members of their association. As such they have failed in carrying out their expressed convictions. In view of this I can no longer remain as a member of such an Executive.

—I am, etc.

Peter Blizard.

(The Editor apologises to Mr. Blizard for the story headed "Censure" which contained some errors.)