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Salient. Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 6. Tuesday, June 4, 1963

The Power of a Coin

The Power of a Coin

Cornford's resignation from Executive has caused considerable trouble. Not only were many students put out by the stillborn SGM, but now a by-election must be held a few days before the general election. As well, the position of Capping controller, which has caused enough headaches lately, was left vacant. This prompted Moriarty to call the resignation of a Capping controller one week before Capping the most irresponsible action he had seen. Perham called it a "shambles." Cornford volunteered to continue his Capping work but, even so, the Exceutive had no legal hold on his actions.

Although Cornford may have taken this issue as an excuse to get off Executive after all the unpleasant, and considerably unjust, criticism he has received lately, it is only fair to accept his denial of this.

Nevertheless, his method of furthering his principle is of dubious efficacy. The motions he was to present at the SGM were designed firstly to institute an SGM instead of a by-election after four resignations from Executive—the constitution requires a by-election after four resignations in a year: and secondly to have elections for the four positions at that SGM.

He has not insured against a similar position occurring again. When asked about this, he said that student opinion would be the required check. However this can only be so if students know what is happening.

If he is so concerned about the power of the coin, he should frame a motion requiring Executive to have an election in the case of a deadlock. Whether or not students feel they need this further control over the Executive they appoint to run their public affairs, can only be decided by them.