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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 2. 1963.

[Jill Shand letter to the editor, Salient Vol. 26, No. 2. 1963.]

Sir,—There once was a man who went around taking what he could from bodies which attracted him and then loosing his respect for them. He did this to one University girl whose lack of Inhibition didn't tell her what a disillusioned body she would become. Another dainty, demure creature in refusing to yield her body found herself sold in a marriage based on respect.

Consider for a minute the fates that awaited these two girls who according to their personal attitudes, had reacted differently under the same University influence. The first 'femme moderne' was no doubt left slightly disillusioned but having had the sense to buy drip-dry material to make her morals out of, her avant-garden attitude needed no ironing out—in fact such an emancipation probably even came as a welcome relief from the almost suffocating restrictions that inhibited this particular type of NZ male University student—from any kind of sincerity in his foraging actions.

The fate of the second girl was very different and slightly pitiful to relate. Having kept her 'dignity' and probably her virginity she had tied herself for life to this insincere selfish man whose lack of moral and intellectual honesty is certain to produce a meaningless and humdrum marriage. Mistaking for perfect what was only greed in the face of something he could not pluck he was rewarded with a frigid female on whom to lavish his God-given impotence.

The moral of this tale for any young University girl is this. Lay yourself open to just such a charge of 'indiscriminate sleeping' (in lectures or with lecturers as you choose) so that you may escape the claim of 'respect' from those like the above-mentioned male. This way you will keep these characteristics of University life which should remain with a student until the end of her days—Independence and Liberality.

Intelligent and honest women come to University hoping to meet men as intelligent and realistic as themselves, someone who has managed to escape from just such middle-class morality as our Salient editor has depicted—men who have managed to escape the incredibly low' and uneducated standards of community morality, and who have realised that to be a student is not just a form of transition but a Way of Life!!!—

Yours, etc.,

Jill Shand.