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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25. No. 13. 1962

The Laughing Brigadier

The Laughing Brigadier

It's not a bad idea,
Said the laughing brigadier,
There's nothing like a sceer
To flush a pinkie's ear.

But I have my reservations.
My sincerest observations,
That political castrations,
Provide un-natural sensations.

I do not have to rectify
What's wrong or rite, or justify
My sane attempts to liquefy
That damn'd elusive master-spy.

If her hair is long we'll queer-y her,
If he's bearded he's inferior,
(All the students in Siberia
Love the laughing brigadier.)

Just think of my material,
And "Truth" will run a serial,
Oh, I am the very model
Of a Brigadier Imperial!

Yours etc., John Parkyn