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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25. No. 13. 1962

View from the Left [N. Tantemsapya's Letter to editor in Salient Vol. 25. No. 13. 1962.]

Sir,—In answer to those views from the left: I never thought of writing before as I don't want to get myself into controversies with some learned people, around this University. However, concerning the comment of Mr Maxwell about the king and queen of Thailand and the political conditions of that country, I take this opportunity to thank very gratefully for the heroic and glorius demonstration for democracy in Thailand by Mr Dwyer and Co.

I as a Thai feel that the time has come to tell these stinking advocates once and for all what I think of those parasites of democracy, hoping that they might learn how to shut up. I also want to take this opportunity to reply to some cheap comment in the past about the dispatch of New Zealand troops to Thailand under S.E.A.T.O. so that you, all the learned and distinguished characters (who specialised in linguistic sarcasm and stunts) may know, once and for all what we think of you. I am in no way our prised or astounded at the complaints of these leftist advocates as it only proves to me that whatever they advocate either speech or action they just do it for their own glorious sake and for nothing of significance to the community. These parasites of democracy merely live without any real and constructive purpose in life except waiting to make nasty and stinking comment about other people or to wait for some opportunities which might arise occasionally Just to unfold their banners or to stage a picnic demonstration—all of these to enjoy themselves at the expense of democracy.

I would like to say something about Thailand and her political system as something distinct from what you can get from your text-book or some existing fictions... like Fanny and the Regent Siam, or the comic tragedy of the King and I. With no offence, I would like to point out to you learned people and even some single-minded lecturers that no matter what you think or think you know of Thailand by reading or listening to travel takes, we Thanks are content with ourselves, with or without democracy. We are rather annoyed at what you advocate for us against something that exists only in your imagination. You don't have to strive for us, we didn't ask. . . . Let me tell you that it anyone has any doubt, we Thais are whole heartedly devoted to our King and Queen—we love them, we adore them, they are not new to us. They are the fountainheads of our nation. Governments may come and governments may go, but the King and Queen of Thailand will always be there in our heart, and at the head of our government. . . Your idea that they are undemocratic, aristocratic and unconcerned about their subjects is pitifully and unforgivably wrong. They do all they can and you can't say with any justice that they spend the people's money to go on tours. Just for your information I would like to point out that what they spend is derived from their income—which is similar to that of the Queen of England. Stop saying nasty things about them, knowing they cannot reply it you cannot appreciate people, try to appreciate yourself by doing something more worthwhile.

Mr Maxwell, what do you know anyway about an oligarchy which prohibited the existence of opposition parties or the non-existence of democracy or the existence of political opponents. Does the fact that New Zealand .is one of the most democratic countries in the world imply that it is the boat for all? Can you eat democracy, can you worship it? Can you preserve our freedom (which we regard very highly) with it? . . . Democracy will not do for us yet . . .

The so-called military dictatorship term which is so often applied to Thailand is a harsh term, too harsh. It is not like a police state.

What in this talk about the non-existence of opposition parties when we never had a code of politics that provided for any anyway? Is this our sin? Then what is this startling comment on the execution of political opponents about? What Sarit did was to safeguard the security of the country. The people he executed were traitors who were planning to give away our beloved land to foreign domination and share that gain themselves.

In conclusion, sir, I am sure that democratic institutions will be introduced soon I hope by undertaking the job of writing this letter that you will be able to see things more clearly so to stop writing dirty comments about Thailand and the Thais.

We love democracy, we yearn for it, but so long as it does not work for us in more ways than one, we cannot have it.

My main concern is to inform the leftists how ignorant they are. You people in New Zealand are very lucky in your chances to be well educated. Yet some of you are guilty in the use of this opportunity. Yours etc,

N. Tantemsapya.

This letter has been abridged—