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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 8. 1962.

Out with Exec !

Out with Exec !

Sir,—Thank God that election time has come around again and we have a chance to get rid of the present Exec.

Vacillating, officious, uninspired, irresponsible, unreliable, pseudo-respectable and selfish, they have summarily failed in their primary duty as a body—to look after and promote the best interests of the students. Individually they have, in some instances at any rate, performed their duties with efficiency if hardly with inspiration. But in a University the leaders of the student body should be people oil real ability and personality, and the actions of the Exec, as a whole should reflect this.

Just one example of the way in which the present Exec has merited the adjectives I apply to them On March 20th, at a special General Meeting of the Students Association, a motion was passea requiring the Executive to organise demonstrations against fees if no positive steps had been taken by April 30th to reduce fees or ameliorate the bursary system.

No such steps have been taken. Yet far from organising a demonstration themselves, the Executive have attempted to stab in the back those who have taken the student's interests to heart and gone ahead with organising one. We can only hope that the election will produce a body of greater Integrity.—Yours, etc.,

John Murphy.