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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 24, No. 13. 1961.

Health Service Needed

Health Service Needed

Sir,—It is time that there was a student health service available at this university. At some time or other most students have some troubles and most can find a satisfactory solution themselves, but there are others who cannot manage to find a real solution—and these unfortunate students must struggle through their work either trying to ignore the situation or trying out a make-shift solution (but unable to remove the real causes ).

Most people naturally wish to solve their own problems and do not wish for any interference; thus, for those who cannot help themselves it often requires much courage to face up to their need for outside help. Especially when the pressure of work is great is the student likely to regard some non-intellectual matters as trivial, and view with scepticism any suggestion of having a serious difficulty with such matters. The longer he postpones facing up to his need, the more difficulty there is likely to be in readjustment afterwards. Finally, private services are very expensive, and public services either little known or little recognized may take some time to find; time is very important. These two further factors are discouraging and prevent positive action; the unfortunate continues to muddle on—probably trying to doubt in vain that he has a real problem until the situation becomes so overwhelming that he breaks down. As some doctors would like to have it, too much work, and not enough sleep and physical exercise are not the only causes of student troubles.

This lack of services is very serious and requires urgent attention; although most students have no need of these services they should be aware of their great importance for others.

Yours, etc.,

Helen P. Leathwick.