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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 24, No. 13. 1961.

Lew-Is Livid?

Lew-Is Livid?

Sir,—Have you seen the notice on the floor of the quiet reading room? If not, perhaps you should take a look at It and, no doubt, you would agree with me that It means roughly this: "If you are not religious keep out."

Sir, how dare the house committer take law into their own hands in this way? This room is for quiet reading and It Is only right that such a room should be set aside. It should be equipped with easy chairs, a room as free as possible from all distraction, not like a library where people are forever coming and going and walking about.

Now, some officious, petty power-gorged dictators have arrived to take away our freedom because they want to say their prayers. Is there any record of Christ behaving in this manner?

Since Christianity Is undoubtedly the dominant religion of this university, Isn't the S.C.M. not catering adequately for the majority?

If there is to be a room for prayer, then why shouldn't there he a room set aside for each of the clubs in the university. The demand for a card room is obviously high and a chess room would be very pleasant even, perhaps a quiet reading room.

Sir, if the house committee would like to meet me, they may find me in the quiet reading room. I shall not smoke, as this may be offensive; I shall be reading, perhaps even studying, and I shall not be saying my prayers. I find I can do this in many other places, such as when standing in a queue, when waiting for someone, before going to sleep at night or even in the bath.

There are three committee rooms which are seldom used; surely no one would grudge the use of one of them to any religious group for the duration of a prayer meeting.

It is to be hoped that students will treat the notice with the scorn that it deserves.—I am. etc.,

N. Lewis

[This letter was received during the holidays. Consequently no one from the house committee could be found to comment on this matter.]